Rick Miner
Sr. VP Programming/ Production & Executive Producer

"TV-Graphics is among a small group of vendors who have become so much more than vendors to SPEED... They are true partners...Their innovative thinking, rapid development time, and most importantly, ability to adap on the fly in real time, on-site is invaluable."

Terry Lingner
President, Lingner Group Productions

"The best attribute of TV-Graphics (besides boundless creativity) is the "can do" attitude. It is very rare in this day in age that producer "oh-by-the-ways" are not met with push back. This never happens with TV-Graphics. I've known Terry Jopplin and his staff for over a decade, and we have done a multitude of high end broadcasts, and they always come through."

John B. Mullin
Mullin Production Group

"Working with TV-Graphics is always a pleasure. Their attention to detail, creativity, energy, and careful presentation of the final product is something upon which we can always rely. They have taken the world of real-time graphics to a far higher plane."

Rob Nelson
Associate Producer

"Of all that I have witnessed in my three years working with TV-Graphics, it is their attention to detail, long nights, and their ability not to allow failure which always leads to a seamless show. What I am impressed with is their willingness to go beyond what is expected. Through all of my requests and questions, not once was I ever told the word "NO"."

"I am proud to have the honor to work with such professional people."

Jeff Manhart
Producer, Chet Burks Productions

"TV-Graphics can always be depended upon to get the best information on the screen when you need it. In racing, situations change in an instant, and the TV-Graphics crew always stays on top of everything that's going on out on the track. They're also constantly bringing new ideas to the table that help us produce the best shows possible."